About Us

Shiba Stores Association is a shopping street centered upon Shiba 2-chome.

We are full of the challenge mind ,as Shiba-kara extremely spicy street,”where is famous for TV program, proffessional westling, festivals, and any other events.

DSC_7065Hideaway atmosphere of the downtown area

Shiba Stores Association is a mall with the traditions; in spite of the times and the change of the town for nearly 50 years of the community of the town played a central role.

While there is it in the center of the business of Japan, Shiba 2-chome area is quiet, and settled down; the atmosphere is a hideout of the downtown area.

Around a restaurant, shopping, the shop of the life article are prepared particularly are full of many visitors at lunchtime.

There are many offices in the neighborhood, but it may be said that it is a livable area in the downtown areas because both a lot of apartment complexes including the apartment and the traffic access are good.

There is a famous “extremely spicy street”

Having made Shiba Stores Association celebrity at a bound “Shiba-kara, an extremely spicy street.”

There might be many restaurants of the Asian dish and developed a menu using spice “Bhut jolokia” said to the world’s hottest.

It had been taken up by an information program of TV many times, and many visitors came to go to visit 2, Shiba.
About “Shiba-kara, an extremely spicy street” is here

The uplifting town where likes festivals!


omatsuri02 omatsuri01

It is three times of festivals in a year! The professional wrestling is held, too!

Shiba Stores Association holds various events for activation of the local community particularly to festivals,

We hold festivals and open some booths three times a year, “Shiba-Matsuri” on July, “Minato-Kumin- Festival” on October, and “Shibakko-Festival” on November , and take part in area communication.
In addition, there is the unique plan including the program for collaboration with the professional wrestling group, children, and the contents heap up a festival by the fun event that there is not elsewhere.