Spicy street

The extremely spicy menus of the world class using ghost chili assemble in full force.

In popular one of Shiba Stores Association, “Shiba-kara, an extremely spicy street ,” has a menu of unreasonable hotness using world’s hardest ghost chili.

An extremely spicy menu to be able to taste only here.
“Does the world’s hottest red pepper include an impact when I employ ghost chili which was authorized in Guinness?” “Shiba-kara, the extremely spicy street” was born triggered by this voice.
Each restaurant which approved of the purpose develop an extremely spicy menu in a recipe of the pride ,ramen,curry, a barvecued chiken, the menus of various genres including the hamburger ,and they are edible only here.
The excessive hotness causes a topic, and it is taken up many times by a TV program and completely settles as a noted product of the turf store society now.

Hotness 2 times as large as habanero, Bhut jolokia

With Bhut jolokia, Bangladesh is the red pepper of the production center mainly.
It featured twice that habanero, intense hotness of 200 times of the Tabasco and was enrolled in a world record of Guinness for hotness world one in 2007.
Because Bhut jolokia is strong in stimulation of the chief ingredient capsaicin of the hotness, goggles and gloves are said to be need when they harvest it.
The menu of “Shiba-Kara, the extremely spicy street” uses Bhut jolokia, but the level of the hotness varies, too.
Please have it depending on preference and courage and physical condition.

Appear by a TV program many times; extreme popularity.

It having been taken up many times on TV that “Shiba-Kara, an extremely spicy street” came to be known at a bound.
For example, of “Onegai ranking” of Asahi National Broadcasting, “Morning bird”, “Hiru-nan-desu ” of Nippon Television, “News every.”, TBS “Shin Chu-bo-desuyo” It was introduced with an information program of the popularity, news, variety.
In addition, an expanse, many extremely spicy enthusiasts and challengers came by the word of mouth of the visitor who came to the store.
We will wrestle still more if possible in future in the extremely spicy sacred place of Japan.

extremely spicy menu (an example) of the pride.

extremely spicy beef ramen 1080 yen


jolokia for preference!

Kitchen mom

Please have jolokia for for preference respectively.

Wasabi in large servings!


To sushi to wasabi large quantities! You can choose three phases of hotness.

It is extremely spicy bean sprouts roasting 450 yen


extremely spicy taiyaki(a fish‐shaped pancake)


extremely spicy Misonikomi Udon 1000 yen

Shiba Sono Sarashina

extremely spicy spicy sliced mianz 800 yen

Xi’an, sword cut noodles shurou

extremely spicy Japanese pepper

Onokou of the eel

extremely spicy Japanese pepper for preference.

extremely spicy mutton curry 1100 yen


extremely spicy penne arrabbiata 1200 yen


Elastic texture penne does hottoness heavily. It is recommended for the person who got tired of normal hotness.
※Menu only for dinner

Hot one is delicious! Miso ramen 800 yen


extremely spicy menu based on delicious miso ramen!
※The hotness is level 1 to 3

Taste of the royal road! Mapo tofu 550 yen

Chinese food of the good taste Watatoku

Moderate bitterness and seasoning not to get tired of.

extremely spicy! Taiwanese ramen 800 yen


Golden collaboration of ramen and Bhut jolokia. Aspect-related perfect orthodox school Taiwanese ramen.

extremely spicy vegetables curry 1000 yen


Slightly bigger vegetables are plentiful! The extremely spicy cutlet curry is recommended, too!

※The hotness prepares for good spicy, a very spicy, extremely spicy

extremely spicy chicken western set meal (red) 850 yen


Thereis nothing like tartar pot up and the opening meat juices!

Super extremely spicy Samgyetang 4000 yen

Shiba-no toriichidai

Use the Bhut jolokia level 5 ! It is recommended for an extremely spicy enthusiast!

※The samgyetang price is free when you eat it up to soup.

Bhut jolokia-chilicheese burger 1400 yen


I add hotness to the original Chilean beans which I stewed slowly and carefully in Bhut jolokia!

※The hotness is available from five phases

extremely spicy! Stir-fried Meat and Vegetable Ramen 750 yen


Vegetables are plentiful! Hotness level 1~5 is available.