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Shiba area is dotted with popular tourist attractions. A park and the building which are full of green for celebrity including a venerable temple and Shinto shrine in many places.
I guide the recommended spot that is near from 2-chome Shiba!



Large temple eminent Japan of the Tokugawa family to inherit the shogunate connection.

One Zojo-ji Temple of Jodo sect of Buddhism seven main temple was known as a family temple of the Tokugawas and was opened in 1393 (as for what moved to Shiba in1598). A lot of highlight including 120 pieces of ceiling pictures fitted in the father of the nobility with three deliverance gates (San-gedatu-mon) which symbolized Zojo-ji Temple appointed to the important cultural property of the country, Tokugawa family to inherit the shogunate cemetery, main hall of a Buddhist temple and treasure exhibition room, a ceiling of Koshoden-big lecture hall.

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Shiba Park


Nature is rich so as not to think with the downtown area.

It features a site surrounding Zojo-ji Temple in one of the oldest parks in Japan. You can fully enjoy the flower of the season in the park which is full of green. It is known as a spot of colored leaves in spring in a cherry tree, the autumn. Maple valley of the artificial ravine where the waterfall has the highlight, the Tokyo’s greatest burial mound with a square front and a round back, Maruyama old burial mound. In addition, it is ideal because there is the walk road to enjoy a walk leisurely.

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Tokyo Tower


333m in height, a symbolic spot of Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower which is known as the tourist attraction where is more popular as a communications tower. A large observatory (150m in height) which whole Kanto can overlook, a special observatory (250m in height) which Mount Fuji can expect distantly are the highlight. The night light up and illuminations have the value of seeing. I quit it though I get nervous and am glad of it being possible for various ways of enjoying to look when good.

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Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden


One of the daimyo gardens of the early period of Edo era.

The feature is that it is made mainly on a pond and making a rock garden in the garden which was appointed in the natural beauty spot of the country. It was built on the land which filled up the sea early in the Edo era. The gardening that made excursion-type Izumikawa Park and Blight falls made with heroic making a rock garden, an exquisite stone including the Isle of Eternal Youth which drew water from the sea is the highlight once.

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Shiba Grand Shrine at Ise

It is a venerable shrine founded in 1005 of the Heian era.

It enshrine enshrined deity of Ise-jingu Amaterasu God (Amaterasu-Oomikami) and two of them of Toyoke God (Toyouke-no-Oomikami) as the main enshrined deity. There seem to be many people who hold a wedding ceremony that I worship the god of marriage.

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