Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple can be reached soon.

There are many popular sightseeing spots in the Shiba area. Famous and historic temples, shrines and green parks are here and there.
Here are some recommended spots near Shiba 2-chome.

Zojoji Temple

One of Japan’s largest temples related to the Tokugawa Shogun Family.

Zojoji Temple, one of the seven main monuments of the Jodo sect, was also known as the Tokugawa family’s Temple and was opened in 1393 (it was moved to Shiba in 1598). The Sangedatsumon, which symbolizes Zojoji Temple, has been designated as a national important cultural property. There are many highlights such as Tokugawa Shogun Tomb, the main hall and treasure room, and 120 ceiling paintings embedded in the Kosetsuden.

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Shiba Park

Nature is so rich that you can’t think of it as a city center.

One of the oldest parks in Japan.
You can enjoy plenty of seasonal flowers in park.
It is also known as a spot for cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in autumn.
The highlights are the maple valley, an artificial valley with a waterfall, and the Maruyama Kofun, which is the largest posterior circle in Tokyo. There is a walking path, so it’s a great place to enjoy a leisurely walk.

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Tokyo Tower

333m high, a symbolic spot in Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower is more popular as a tourist spot than a radio tower. The highlight is the large observatory (150m high) overlooking the Kanto area and the special observatory (250m high) overlooking Mt. Fuji. Night illumination and illuminations are very beautiful.

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Former Shiba Rikyu Garden

One of the Daimyo Gardens in the early Edo period.

It is a garden designated as a national scenic spot and is characterized by being built around a pond and stonework. It was built on land reclaimed in the early days of the Edo period. The highlights are Izumikawa Park, which drew water from the sea before, and a garden made from famous stones.

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Shiba Daijingu

A historical shrine built in 1005 of the Heian period.

The two pillars of the Ise Shrine, Amaterasu Omikami and Toyoukeno Omikami are enshrined as gods. Many people have weddings because they are worshiping the god of marriage.

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