A world-class spicy menu using Boot Jolokia is gathered.

One of Shiba Shopping Street’s specialties, “Shibakara Spicy Street”, is a collection of insane spicy menus using the world’s hardest boot Jolokia.

A spicy menu that can only be enjoyed here.

“Shibakara Spicy Street” was born out of a voice saying, “Using Boot Jolokia, certified by Guinness as the hottest pepper in the world, may have an impact”.

Each restaurant that agrees with its purpose has developed a spicy menu with a proud recipe, and there are various genre menus such as ramen, curry, yakitori and hamburgers, which can only be eaten here.

That spicyness has attracted much attention and has been featured many times on TV programs, and now it has become a well-known specialty of the Shiba Shopping Street.

Twice as hot as Habanero, Boot Jolokia.

Boot Jolokia (or But Jolokia) is chili that originates mainly in Bangladesh.

It was recorded in the Guinness World Record as the world’s most spicy in 2007, characterized by fierce hotness, twice that of Habanero and 200 times that of Tabasco.

Boot Jolokia is strongly stimulated by capsaicin, the main ingredient of hotness, and it is said that goggles and gloves are required when harvesting.

The menu of “Shibakara Spicy Street” uses Boot Jolokia, but the level of spiciness varies. Consume according to your preference, courage and physical condition.

It is so popular that it appears many times on TV programs.

“Shibakara Spicy Street” came to be known a lot because it was featured on TV many times.

In addition, it was spread by reviews of customers who visited the store, and many spicy enthusiasts and challengers visited. In the future, we will make further efforts to become a hot spot in Japan.

Boastful spicy menu (example)

Spicy beef ramen. 1,080 Yen.


Put Jolokia as you like.

Kitchen mom

Please enjoy Jorokia as you like

A large serving of wasabi.

Kamo Sushi

Large amount of wasabi on nigiri sushi. 3 choices of spiciness.

Fried spicy sprouts. 450 Yen.


Spicy taiyaki. 180 Yen

Shiba no Kotobukido

Spicy miso stewed udon. 1,000 Yen.

Shibasono Sarashina

Spicy Sansho Pepper

Unagi no Onoko

Put Spicy Sansho Pepper as you like.

Extremely spicy penne arabiata. 1.200 Yen.


The penne has become more spicy. Recommended for those who are bored with the usual hotness. (for dinner only)

Spicy is delicious. Miso Ramen. 800 Yen.

Chinese restaurant Ikomaken

A spicy menu based on delicious miso ramen.
You can choose from three levels of spiciness.

The taste of the royal road. Mabo tofu. 550 Yen.


Moderate spicy and delicious seasoning.

Very spicy. Taiwan ramen. 800 Yen.


A golden collaboration between Ramen and Jorokia. Perfectly authentic Taiwanese ramen.

Super spicy vegetable curry. 1,000 Yen.


A spicy cutlet curry with plenty of large vegetables is recommended.

You can choose from spicy, more spicy, and super spicy.

Spicy chicken Nanban set meal (red). 850 Yen.

Harapeco DINING

The juicy gravy and tartar sauce are delicious.

Super spicy samgyetang. 4,000 Yen.

Shiba no Toriichidai

With Butto Jolokia. Recommended for extremely spicy mania.

Samgetang price is free if you complete the soup.

Boot Jolokia Chili Cheese Burger 1,400 Yen.


Add the spicyness with Boot Jolokia to the original chili beans that have been simmered carefully.

Choose from 5 levels of spiciness.

Very spicy! Tanmen noodle. 750 Yen.

Saioji Ikomaken

Plenty of vegetables. Choose from 5 levels of spiciness.