There is a festival, there is also a spicy street, a place where you can get excited when you come.

Shiba Shopping Street is a shopping district centered on Shiba 2-chome.

It is a shopping street with a “Shibakara Spicy Street” that is featured on TV.
We are also focusing on events such as professional wrestling and festivals.
It is a unique and challenging shopping district.

A hideaway atmosphere in the city center.

Shiba Shopping Street is a traditional shopping street that has played a central role in the community for nearly 50 years.

Despite being in the center of Japanese business, the Shiba 2-chome area is quiet and calm, and the atmosphere is a retreat in the heart of the city.

There are shops for daily necessities, especially restaurants, and many customers visit especially during lunchtime.

In addition to offices, there are many condominiums and apartments in the neighborhood, and access to traffic is good, so it can be said that it is an easy-to-live area in the city center.

There is the famous “Shibakara Spicy Street”.

“ShibakaraSpicy Street” made Shiba Shopping Street famous.

Since there are many Asian restaurants, we have developed a menu using “Boot Jolokia” which is said to be the hottest spice in the world.

It was picked up many times on TV information programs, and many customers came to visit Shiba 2-chome.

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A lively city that likes festivals.

Three festivals a year. Pro-wrestling is also held.

Shiba Shopping Street holds various events to revitalize the local community. In parti

cular, we are focusing on festivals.

The “Shiba Festival” in July, the “Minato Kumin Festival” in October, and the “Shibakko Festival” in November have been held three times a year and have played a role in regional communication. There are also unique projects such as collaboration with professional wrestling organizations and programs for children. The festival is filled with fun events like no other.